Marketing Consulting for Companies, and Entrepreneurs

If you have great people, a great business, or a great ideas, let us help you gain a competitive edge. 

We work with business leaders and entrepreneurs to design customized marketing strategies that enhance their digital presence and create opportunities.  

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- Executive Profile Creations

- Digital Awareness Campaigns

- Business Development Strategies

- Brand Recognition  Campaigns

- Award Nomination Entries



Looking for innovative ideas and strategies to help you achieve your goals? 

We offer original and creatives ideas and strategies to help you best position yourself and your company for growth.

1-1 Coaching

Looking to Build Greater Success? 

We help Entrepreneurs and Executive stay focused and accountable as we build Successful Outcomes.



We've Had Amazing Success Elevating Professionals and Organizations!

Since 1989, Pat Buchanan has been working with:

  • CPAs
  •  Attorneys
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Planners
  • Pharma Executives
  • Rising Stars
  • Corporate Executives
  • Companies & Organization



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"I have known Pat for over 20 years in a professional capacity and she is brilliant with marketing strategies. She has been very successful supporting leaders and helping them achieve professional recognition. She is a great asset to any team. I highly recommend Pat Buchanan."

Bandana Jha, CPA

"Pat brings a level of professionalism to the job that is always over and above what you would expect. She is known for her follow up and her thoroughness. I would recommend Pat for any job, no matter the complexity."

MaryFrances McGarrity
Senior Vice President, Development

"Pat can pull more ideas out of a hat early in the morning before coffee than anyone I've ever met. She's a constant thinker and it's apparent that she thrives on ideas. If you need to zone in on a strategy, brainstorm an idea or troubleshoot a position, she's spot on with recommendations. She puts her lifetime of marketing experience and contacts to work for you instantly. Start with a conversation with her and you'll soon be dialed into actionable ideas."

Cindy Falteich
Author | Blogger | Photographer

"Pat's a real pro! She was instrumental in helping my client create the foundation for a PR and Marketing Campaign. Her recommendations were right on point."

Carol Carr
Federal Grant Specialist

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