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Professional Marketing Expertise for Companies, Executives                & Rising Stars

If you are looking to elevate your digital presence to attract new opportunities, increase your digital presence and create thought leadership initiatives give us a call.

With over 35 years of professional marketing and coaching expertise, we have helped professionals go from intern to partner,  We have also  helped others land c-suite opportunities by expanding  their digital profiles and presence.

Marketing Executives & Rising Stars

We've helped countless professionals achieve their career goals by designing strategic content and marketing initiatives focused on positioning them as "Rising Star" within their industry, organization and marketplace.   

Over the last 2 years we have been happy to help our clients  increased their incomes collectively by over $2M.


Professional Branding

Whether it’s Career Coaching, Winning Awards and Recognition, Increasing Your Executive and Leadership Presence, Identifying Thought Leadership Opportunities or Positioning Yourself for Professional Advancement, we help you to strategically identify and position yourself and your organization for great success. 

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"Pat is a strategic leader who guided me in landing the ultimate position. Her coaching style enhanced my negotiation skills, made me more cognizant of how I interpret and deliver messages, and built on my senior leadership skills and engagement. "

Suzanne Elliott
Director, Quality Assurance Pharmacovigilance at Merck

"I have know Pat for over 20 years in a professional capacity and she is brilliant with marketing strategies. She has been very successful supporting leaders and helping them achieve professional recognition, She is a great marketing and branding resources for any professional or organization."

Bandana Jha, CPA

"Looking for a new job is a scary task, but Pat was there supporting me along the way. I am happy to say she helped me land a more advanced role for myself within about a month. I really appreciated Pat's kindness, generosity and knowledge. I'd recommend her to anyone who needs advice, support, guidance and growth - I can assure you she won't disappoint and will always be your biggest cheerleader!"

Moira Harper
Senior Media Planner

"Pat is an amazing resource and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to enhancing one's digital presence! I have recently changed careers and for me digital marketing is an unknown territory. The insight, experience, and energy "Pat shared with me during our initial two-hour consultation was incredible! I now have the tools and confidence to begin creating a stronger digital presence for my company! ""

Sarah Sizer
Director of Client Outreach

"Pat can pull more ideas out of a hat early in the morning before coffee than anyone I've ever met. She's a constant thinker and it's apparent that she thrives on ideas. If you need to zone in on a strategy, brainstorm an idea or troubleshoot a position, she's spot on with recommendations. She puts her lifetime of marketing experience and contacts to work for you instantly. Start with a conversation with her and you'll soon be dialed into actionable ideas.""

Cindy Falteich
Comedian, Author, Blogger

""Pat worked with us as a consultant to launch Philadelphia's first young adult cancer conference. From the second she signed on, she guided us through the marketing process with forward thinking, strategic and detail-oriented planning, and fierce determination. After having her at my side at several meetings, I can attest that she's definitely the person you want in your corner when launching a new initiative.""

Dakota Fisher Vance
Co-Founder at Young Adult Cancer Connection

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